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May 7 + Daily readings & notes

DAY 127 You're going to see the love of God in Hosea. It's a great book that portrays the mercy and goodness of God in the face of Israel's unfaithfulness.  For a better understanding of the book as a whole, check out today's Bible Project video.

DAILY READINGSHosea 1-5 & Psalm 122
The prophet is introduced.  He has ministered under several kings.His first act of prophecy is to marry a woman of whoredom/prostitution.  The marriage will be an illustration of the people's infidelity to God.Remember that Isaiah's children had names that were meant to be a message to the people.  Likewise, Hosea & Gomer's children will serve that function.Jezreel means "God sows"Lo-ru-hamah means "Not pitied"Lo-ammi means "Not my people" Hosea 2 God demonstrates what he will do to the people of God for their unfaithfulness.  These are not actions Hosea takes against Gomer.  Just like Chapter 1, there's a bit of a hop…
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March 10 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 69 We're finishing the book of Joshua today.  The people have entered the land, conquered the nations and are ready for rest.  Joshua has one final word to give the Israelites before he passes.

Let's hear those powerful words again.

DAILY READINGSJoshua 22-24 & Psalm 69

DAILY NOTES Joshua 22:4
A reminder that the land was given as rest for the people. Joshua 22:10-12 As the Reubenites, Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh go home, they fear their ties with the people of Israel will be cut in future generations.  So, they build an altar as a witness for future generations of their take with Israel.  The rest of Israel see this as the others turning away from God and were prepared to go to war against them. Joshua 22:30 The Israelites believe the testimony of the Reubenites, Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh. Joshua 23 Joshua reminds the people that God's blessings and curses are still relevant. Joshua 24:15-16 Joshua instructs the Israelites to make a choice of w…

March 9 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 68 This is, by far, the most chapters we've read in a one day.  You'll see, however, that some of them are pretty short and most follow the same pattern.  The Israelites have conquered the promised land and now it is time to allot the land to the different tribes.

Since you've got a little more reading to do and since a lot of it is names of territories and cities, I won't include any notes today.

DAILY READINGSJoshua 13-21 & Psalm 68

OTHER OBSERVATIONS Here's an assignment for you.  We believe scripture to be "God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness" (2 Timothy 3:16).  Can you find those elements in today's reading?

Stay blessed...john

March 8 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 67 The word of the day is conquest.  Joshua and the Israelites continue their advance into the promised land.  Every nation that rises against them is defeated.  A recurring theme to pay attention to is that of the Divine Warrior.  This is a role God plays in Holy War literature.  
God continually stands with the Israelites in battle, often participating (see Joshua 10:11, 15).  It's an interesting observation to watch for.
DAILY READINGSJoshua 9-12 & Psalm 67


The Gibeonites hear of Israel's victory and devise a plan to make peace with them so that they are not defeated.  Remember how Jacob's cunning ways play out for him?  Their plan is to act as if they have come from a far away place.  That would entitle them protection from the Israelites.The plan works.  Joshua makes peace with them and a covenant.   Joshua 10 The Israelites defeat another group of nations.  God fights for them. Joshua 11 A telling of the nations Joshua and the Israelites de…

March 7 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 66 Joshua prepares the people for battle.  They have crossed the Jordan into the land God had promised them and now it is time to overcome the nations.   DAILY READINGSJoshua 5-8 & Psalm 66

DAILY NOTES Joshua 5:1
All the kings beyond the Jordan heard about the Israelites movement, that they had crossed over (again).  As a result, their hearts melted and their spirit was gone.  They are fearful of what is to happen to them. Joshua 5:2-9 The Lord tells Joshua to circumcise the people.  They had not practiced circumcision, the sign of the covenant between them and God, since they were in the wilderness.Now, all that they faced in Egypt, everything they were and everything endured is "rolled away."  They are, officially, a new people.
Joshua 5:15
The command of the army of the Lord gives Joshua the same instructions Moses was given at the burning bush. Joshua 6:1-16 The city of Jericho has closed itself.  No one is leaving or entering because they feel the threat of the Isr…

March 6 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 65 We're entering a new land today.  We have a new leader, but we still have the same God and the same promise.  As we've read, you can almost feel the rise of expectation building as Moses gives his final commands and blessings and as Joshua takes his new place among the people.
Today's Bible Project video illustrates a review of what the book of Joshua is about.  It gives a great outline you can follow to understand the book better.

DAILY READINGSJoshua 1-4 & Psalm 65

DAILY NOTES Joshua 1:1-9
God gives Joshua the command to leave the people into the new land since Moses has died.Joshua is reminded that the Lord will go before the people; no one will be able to stand against them because of God's power.  Still, Joshua is reminded 3 times to be strong and (once very) courageous.The law of God is to remain in the mouth of Joshua (and the people).  They are called to meditate on it day and night. Joshua 1:13 This new land was to be a "place of rest" for …

March 5 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 64 Since we're finishing the book of Deuteronomy today, and since the ending has a lot of song to it, how about we finish it with this great performance of Moses' song.  It's inspiring!

DAILY READINGSDeuteronomy 32-34 & Psalm 64 DAILY NOTES Deuteronomy 32:47

All this that the Lord has spoken through Moses is no "trifling" matter, or, better said, an empty word.
Deuteronomy 33

Moses offers a final blessing over the tribes of Israel. Deuteronomy 34 The Lord allows Moses to see the land the people will enter.  The servant of the Lord, Moses, dies.  Joshua takes Moses' place.   OTHER OBSERVATIONS We have just finished reading the Pentateuch, the first 5 books of the Bible.  These are the cornerstone of the Jewish faith.  We cannot over estimate their importance to the faith of so many for so long.  
If you thought it was strange following the people in the desert, hang on!  While we've spent the last several books hearing (and hearing again) about ritua…