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January 23 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 23Today's reading introduces the Mosaic law.

DAILY READINGSExodus 19-21 & Psalm 23 DAILY NOTES Exodus 19:3 Moses ascending the mountain of God will become a familiar scene.   Exodus 19:4 It's been said that God chose the illustration of an eagle because no other bird flies higher than an eagle.  Its young are carried on the wings so that they are protected from danger that may come from below. Exodus 19:6-9 The people were brought from Egypt to become a new nation.  They would have equality together as "princes" and have access to God as a "holy nation."  Moses becomes/remains God's messenger and the one that receives the holy law of God.Moses also relays what the people have spoken to God.  Is there a need to do that?  This surely elevates Moses' role as the leader of the people.  Exodus 19:16 After the people have prepared themselves, they are ready to meet the Lord.  God appears in a thunderous scene that brings fear to everyone.   Exodus 19…
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January 22 + Daily readings and notes

DAY 22
It's a new day and a new people.  Life as freed people begins in today's readings.  They have much to learn about what it means to be God's people, but God will show them.  God still shows us! DAILY READINGSExodus 16-18 & Psalm 22 DAILY NOTES Exodus 16:1 Jewish commentary suggests this is when they ran out of the cakes the left Egypt with. Exodus 16:2 Another complaint Exodus 16:4 The bread from heaven, in part, will be a test of the people's obedience.  I bet none of us can guess how that test is going to go. Exodus 16:7 God had heard their cry.  Now, God has heard their complaining. Exodus 16:8 So far, God hadn't said anything about meat. Exodus 16:12 "Then you shall know" is odd if you consider what happened a little over a month prior to this.  How could they not already "know" that God was their God?   Exodus 16:15 When they ask, "What is it?" they literally say "manna."   Exodus 16:34 There's a covenant already?…

January 21 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 21 DAILY READINGSExodus 13-15 & Psalm 21


Exodus 13:2

Consecrate, sanctify, hallow.The people belong to God.  Now, they know it.  What is to be described in the coming verses is the way they would remember it.   Exodus 13:8 Telling our children is a recurring theme.
19If the sign is on your hand and, as the text reads, "between the eyes of you,"  you're going to remember it.  It will be on your lips so that you are always prepared to share it.   Exodus 13:13-15 Donkeys are considered unclean.To be clear, to "sacrifice to the Lord every male that first opens the womb" refers to animals. Exodus 13:17-18 This is ironic because the people will consider returning because of far less things than war.Why were they prepared for battle?  Were they thinking Pharaoh was going to follow them?  Were they ready for a fight?  If so, in Exodus 14:11, at the first sign of trouble, they're ready to go back. Exodus 14:8 They were going out boldly.  That is, &quo…

January 20 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 20 We're reading about the last 2 plagues against Egypt today.  What is about to happen is something that will talked about for generations.  It's celebrated even today!

Notice what the purpose of all these events is about.  Pay attention to why God says these things are happening. 

Happy reading!
DAILY READINGSExodus 10-12 & Psalm 20

Exodus 10:2

What is to transpire, and everything that has led up to it, is to be shared with every generation.  There will be a specific way in the coming chapters to do that.  How important is it to intentionally pass on our faith to the next generations?I'm not sure where the NRSV gets the notion of "fool." Exodus 10:7 It seems that everyone has had enough except Pharaoh.  Moses is trapping the people in their own land.  And nothing is left because of it.  We have fell right into it. Exodus 10:10-11 What could be more "evil" than what they have already faced? Exodus 10:17 Once?  We've already gone t…

January 19 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 19 Today's video explains the concept of the Bible's idea of Heaven and Earth.  If you're wondering how this ties into what we're reading in Exodus, just think of one word: Redemption.

DAILY READINGSExodus 7-9 & Psalm 19

DAILY NOTES Exodus 7:1

This reminds us of God's call to Moses in Chapter 4.  Aaron is the voice and Moses is as God to Aaron and now to Pharaoh.  That is, the one who is leading. Exodus 7:3-4 The effects of the signs will be multiplied.  God calls them signs here, but Pharaoh will later call them wonders.The signs are also an act of judgement. Exodus 7:8 God knows Pharaoh is going to want to see something as proof of who God is.  Remember when the people asked Jesus for a sign (John 6:30)?  Since Pharaoh has no knowledge of God, he will want/need to see a sign of who/what God is.  This is how Pharaoh's gods work; they have a power/sign. Exodus 7:11 Even though the priests (magicians) are able to replicate the sign of God, God's is able…

January 18 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 18Today's video gives an overview of the first portion of the book of Exodus.  Look for the 2 words that are given for the first time.

May the Lord add his blessing to your reading today!
DAILY READINGSExodus 4-6 & Psalm 18

DAILY NOTES Exodus 4:1
Maybe, Moses thought, they would listen to me, but they won't believe me.  That is, perhaps they would give him a chance to speak, but then wouldn't not believe what he had to tell them. Exodus 4:10 Moses has questioned both the call of God and his calling from God.   Exodus 4:14 The Lord's anger was kindled.  The text reads that God's anger was "being hot."  That's ironic because God has appeared in a burning bush that is not being consumed.   Exodus 4:15 God tells Moses that his brother Aaron is coming to meet him.  Is this God's sign to Moses? Exodus 4:16 God gives Aaron's and Moses' roles in God's plan.  Aaron is Moses' mouthpiece.  Moses is Aaron's God.  Why doesn't God sp…

January 17 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 17

Welcome to Exodus! 

How does God get your attention?  For Moses it was in the form of a bush that was burning but not being consumed.  Truthfully, that'd probably get anyone's attention.  What began as a normal day in his "new" life, Moses began a journey toward redemption.  It's a powerful story of God's power and mercy. 

And don't think God chooses the people who think they have it all together and are ready to go.  Where's the fun in that? 

Here's an introduction video to the book of Exodus to make a part of your reading:

DAILY READINGSExodus 1-3 & Psalm 17

Exodus 1:1-7

Exodus begins with a clear connection to Genesis. Knowing that the people multiplied and grew exceedingly is an important element of promise.  Even though the patriarchs have passed away, the promise of God continues with the continuation of the Hebrew people Exodus 1:8-14 The new king is not connected to any old promises of the former king(s).  What power a…