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April 24 + Daily readings & notes

DAY 114
DAILY READINGS Isaiah 23-27 & Psalm 114


A judgement against Tyre Isaiah 24 The whole earth is called to judgement.  Verse 5 tells us why.Notice why Isaiah is upset in Verse 16. Isaiah 25 Another hymn/psalm of praise.  God will deliver his people. Isaiah 26 This is the song of Judah that will be sung "on that day."  "On that day" is a common phrase in Isaiah.  You should have noticed how important that day, when God executes judgement, is.There will be victory and a song because God is just. Isaiah 27 What a great chapter.  There are a couple of images that we have already seen in Isaiah to illustrate the people.  In Chapter 27 those images still illustrate Israel but in a different way.  Can you name them? Psalm 114 A call back to the exodus and when the people crossed the Jordan River.  Notice the earth's participation.
OTHER OBSERVATIONS Faith in God requires waiting.  There's a reminder of that in Judah's song of victory …
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April 23 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 113 There's a lot of politics involved in today's readings.  Consequently, it can be hard to understand everything that's happening or make all the connections to the nations that are mentioned.  Just remember that we're hearing a prophetic voice in the midst of those circumstances.
DAILY READINGSIsaiah 18-22 & Psalm 113


Ethiopia is going to bless Israel with gifts. Isaiah 19 God has judgement for Egypt.  Later, Egypt, Assyria and Israel will be a 3-fold blessing. Isaiah 20 Don't worry!  You'll never have to worry about this happening at our church. Isaiah 21 God denounces 3 foreign nations. Isaiah 22 Instead of mourning their sins as God told them to do, the people of Israel celebrated victory.  So, God gives them a warning of destruction. Psalm 113 A psalm about God's willingness to help those who are in need.

OTHER OBSERVATIONS We're all mature adults.  So, let's not freak out too much about the naked prophet.

Ok.  I'…

April 22 & Daily notes & readings

DAY 112 Today, we're reading a part of Isaiah that centers on oracles against some of the foreign nations.  You'll notice how they are spoken against because of their pride and arrogance.  As we've already seen before, they are used as weapons of God, but will endure judgement, too.

DAILY READINGSIsaiah 13-17 & Psalm 112


I've read "oracle" translated as burden and or harsh prophecy.  That puts these words into great perspectiveBabylon will face the the day of the Lord's judgement as well.  It will mean destruction for the nation. Isaiah 14 Judah will be restored.  Not only will they live in peace, but they will have dominion over those who ruled them.God gives them a "taunt," also translated as a proverb or parable, to use against Babylon.  A spiritual nana-nana-boo-boo? Isaiah 15 There is an oracle spoken against Moab.Notice the  sense of compassion in Verse 5.  Does this mean the prophet/God does not look forward to doi…

April 21 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 111 You're probably going to recognize some of today's readings.  Some of these are used during Christmas time to anticipate Christ as the coming king.  We know what that means for us.  Think what it might have meant to the people first hearing from Isaiah.

April 20 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 110 You didn't know the prophet Isaiah could sing, did you? DAILY READINGSIsaiah 5-8 & Psalm 110


Isaiah sings a song for his friend's (beloved) vineyard.  Notice that the vineyard was on a "very fertile hill."  It should have been fruitful.  His friend expected it to yield grapes, but it did not.Isaiah says that the people of God are like that vineyard.  God expected something from them, but saw something else.Notice the expectation of justice that is highlighted in Verse 8, and how justice and righteousness relates to God in Verse 16.Consequently, God will give a signal to foreign countries to lay waste to Israel. Isaiah 6 Isaiah's vision of God.  Notice the details about the vision.  My favorite part of this chapter is after Isaiah says, "Here I am; send me!"  Pay attention to what God tells Isaiah to say. Isaiah 7 Isaiah assures Ahaz. The chapter outlines the birth of a child, Immanuel, as a sign; God gave the sign himself …

April 19 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 109 You'll notice that we are skipping around a bit in our reading.  1 Chronicles would be next, but we're actually finishing the Old Testament with that book.  So, today, we're starting with the book of Isaiah.  You'll notice some familiar themes, names and occurrences--that's part of why we're reading the prophet now.

Here's today's Bible Project video to help illustrate the content of Isaiah 1-39:

DAILY READINGSIsaiah 1-4 & Psalm 109

DAILY NOTES Isaiah 1 God condemns the people of Judah.  God also says that he has no joy in the people's offerings (worship?).  Notice what he wishes they would do instead.And always notice the sign of hope! Isaiah 2 Jerusalem will be built as a city that nations recognized as blessed.   Isaiah 3-4 Notice how so much is what would be considered backwards, or not the way it was intended to be.  Still, by the end of Chapter 4, there is a promise that the "branch of the Lord shall be beautiful and glorious...…

April 18 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 108 We're finishing 2 Kings today.  Much like we've seen with other books, there is no happy ending.  Although, can you spot the sign of hope at the very end?

DAILY READINGS2 Kings 23-25 & Psalm 108

DAILY NOTES 2 Kings 23 This chapter outlines all of King Josiah's reformation.  Notice the amount of work he did to eradicate the false worship of the people.  There's also a remind of 1 Kings 13, when Josiah asks about the grave of the prophet.  For the first time since the judges, Passover is observed by the people.  I'm curious what their thoughts were when they did that.  According to the writer, God's wrath did not turn away.  That is a set up for how the book will end. 2 Kings 25 In 2 Kings 24, there is a first exile of the people of Jerusalem.  This second deportation is the final one that leaves Judah in complete exile.   Psalm 108 Imagine being so filled with awe and wonder, thanksgiving and praise that you couldn't help but sing/shout to God.  Th…