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May 16 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 136

Another book is in the books today.  


Micah 5-7 & Psalm 131


Micah 5

  • This chapter has some Christmas story (the Gospel, not the movie) elements.  Do you recall which part?
  • The ruler from Bethlehem will "be the one of peace."
  • Do you have an understanding of the Bible's idea of remnant?  It reoccurs often.
Micah 6
  • Divine Law & Order.  God has a case to make against the people.  Although it's a legal term (case), it reads like a final plea.  God asks, "What have I done to you?"
  • And there was no reason for the people to turn against God.  They knew what he required (6:8).
    • Many people see Micah 6:8 as the heart of the entire book.
Micah 7
  • According to Micah, no one is left who is righteous.  Consequently, not even close relationships can be trusted because the people are so corrupt.  Micah affirms that he "will look to the Lord."  
  • The chapter ends with a reminder of God's promise of redemption, compassion and faithfulness.
Psalm 131
  • A prayer of humility before God.


Apparently, it was easy for the people to think that all they had to do was say a few prayers, maybe leave an animal offering or two, or, if it was that serious, dedicate a child as priest.  Surely that would suffice to get God on our good side again.  

Just tell us what we have to do, God!  Can I just serve on a church committee, give a little more or help with an upcoming church event?

Those things are fine, but what God really wants is the love of his people.  You can't write off love.  True love can't be scratched off a to-do list.  What God wants is for his people, out of the love they have for God, to do kindness...and walk humbly with God.

Would you just take a moment to consider how those three things would impact things happening around you right now, please.  What would be different about the way we speak to each other?  How we interact?  Even how we disagree?

God's already told you (us) what he wants from us.  Let's stop trying to fill in our own blanks and just live like God wants us to live.

Stay blessed...john


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