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January 27 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 27

We'll be reading about atonement today.  Today's video helps make sense of that biblical theme.


Exodus 30-31 & Psalm 27


Exodus 30:6
  • Everything has its place.  
Exodus 30:10
  • Once a year would be Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).
Exodus 12-15
  • The Lord's offering is required of everyone equally (of the appropriate age).  Strangely enough, there is a designation of rich and poor.  Everyone has just come from Egypt.  How has that distinction arisen?  
Exodus 31:13
  • It's interesting to compare how the idea of sabbath here relates to previous mentions of it.  
Exodus 31:18
  • Moses had written the words down.  Now, with merely his finger, God has provided the tablets for all to remember the covenant that has been made.  
Psalm 27
  • Have you ever prayed and prayed and prayed for something?  The psalmist seems to know the feeling.  His final admonishment, considering all the ways he knows God will care for and protect him, is to wait for the Lord.


Don't forget to remember.

That's a thought that came to me as I read today.  We've discussed before the remembrance theme.  It bears repeating because God repeats it.  If you've ever said something like, "I can barely remember what I did this morning," then you understand the reason why God emphasizes remembering.

All these offerings, the incense, the sabbath, everything we hear about in our readings today, in part, is to remember something important about our relationship with God.  

"Remember your baptism."  That's something you should be used to hearing from time to time, and for the same reasons.  Christ came to take the place of these offerings and showed us baptism.  When we are baptized, and when we remember our baptized, we recall the glory of Christ and the power of God over sin and death.  

That's something worth remembering.

Stay blessed...john


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