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January 19 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 19

Today's video explains the concept of the Bible's idea of Heaven and Earth.  If you're wondering how this ties into what we're reading in Exodus, just think of one word: Redemption.


Exodus 7-9 & Psalm 19


Exodus 7:1
  • This reminds us of God's call to Moses in Chapter 4.  Aaron is the voice and Moses is as God to Aaron and now to Pharaoh.  That is, the one who is leading.
Exodus 7:3-4
  • The effects of the signs will be multiplied.  
  • God calls them signs here, but Pharaoh will later call them wonders.
  • The signs are also an act of judgement.
Exodus 7:8
  • God knows Pharaoh is going to want to see something as proof of who God is.  Remember when the people asked Jesus for a sign (John 6:30)?  Since Pharaoh has no knowledge of God, he will want/need to see a sign of who/what God is.  This is how Pharaoh's gods work; they have a power/sign.
Exodus 7:11
  • Even though the priests (magicians) are able to replicate the sign of God, God's is able to swallow theirs.  One rod swallows the many.
Exodus 7:22
  • If Moses and Aaron (God) turned all the water into blood, what exactly do the magicians do?  Which water do they turn to change?
  • Their need to replicate what God is doing only brings more judgement.  
Exodus 8:4
  • This sounds like it affects everyone, but later the magicians are specifically mentioned, too.  So, do they not have a part in all this so far?
Exodus 8:8
  • How would you respond to the prayer request of an enemy?
Exodus 8:10-12
  • Why wait until "tomorrow?"  And is it a call to pray tomorrow or to have the frogs leave tomorrow?  Either way, why wait?
  • It doesn't appear that they wait to pray.
Exodus 8:18-19
  • The first plague the magicians cannot replicate.
  • God has already told Moses he will stretch out his mighty hand.  Readers know that is coming.  The magicians recognize that they are only seeing the finger of God right now.  
Exodus 8:22
  • We specifically remember that God promised death would "passover" the Israelites.  But that is not the only plague that passes the people of God.  God makes the distinction throughout the plagues.
Exodus 9:7
  • Pharaoh learns this is only happening to his people.  This should stand as part of the sign against him.
Exodus 9:11
  • Had the magicians not been impacted before?
Exodus 9:19
  • Wasn't all the livestock already given a deadly pestilence?
Exodus 9:20
  • There are some Egyptians who recognize the power of God.
Psalm 19
  • If you want to see the glory of God, go outside.
  • Following God's "law" is a joyous decision we make.  Reread how the psalmist describes the law of the Lord (7-10)
  • Pastors often recite Verse 14 before they preach.  But it's certainly a prayer all of us could stand to repeat daily.


I've read once that it's better to have no deal than to make a bad deal.

Moses seems to understand that concept.  Pharaoh offers him a chance to offer worship to God, but he doesn't say the people can leave to do so.  Moses catches that drift.  But that's not part of the deal.  Instead of agreeing because it almost sounded like a good plan, Moses remembers what God has told him to ask for.

How often do you think we settle for the good when God has offered us the better?  We settle because we don't pay attention.  We settle because often it's the easiest thing to do.  But God has promised us an abundant life.  Why don't we take God up on that?

Stay blessed...john


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