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January 20 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 20

We're reading about the last 2 plagues against Egypt today.  What is about to happen is something that will talked about for generations.  It's celebrated even today!

Notice what the purpose of all these events is about.  Pay attention to why God says these things are happening. 

Happy reading!


Exodus 10-12 & Psalm 20


Exodus 10:2
  • What is to transpire, and everything that has led up to it, is to be shared with every generation.  There will be a specific way in the coming chapters to do that.  How important is it to intentionally pass on our faith to the next generations?
  • I'm not sure where the NRSV gets the notion of "fool."
Exodus 10:7
  • It seems that everyone has had enough except Pharaoh.  
  • Moses is trapping the people in their own land.  And nothing is left because of it.  We have fell right into it.
Exodus 10:10-11
  • What could be more "evil" than what they have already faced?
Exodus 10:17
  • Once?  We've already gone through this scenario.  Pharaoh sees this as an attack on himself.  
Exodus 10:26
  • No hoof left behind!  Sorry, I just had to do that.
Exodus 10:28-29
  • It's unclear if Pharaoh has let the people "go."  After the plague of darkness, Pharaoh summoned Moses and told him to go, but required that the flocks be left behind.  Moses does not agree to that and is told afterwards to never show his face to Pharaoh again.
Exodus 11:2
  • This fulfills what was said in Exodus 3:22.  The Israelites may leave in haste, but they also leave having plundered the Egyptians.
Exodus 11:4
  • Because of what we read at the end of verse 8, this is Moses speaking to Pharaoh again.  Remember what Pharaoh told him the last time they met.  
Exodus 11:7
  • It literally means that a dog will not even so much as point his tongue at the Israelites.  Who's a good boy?  Who's a good boy?
Exodus 11:8
  • Was Moses angry because he had to see Pharaoh again?  Was he mad because he remembered God trying to kill him (or his first born)?  
Exodus 12
  • Every Israelite is to participate.  Notice the communal aspects of this first Passover.
  • Verse 12 says that the gods of Egypt are facing judgement from God.
  • God has already been able to make a distinction between the Israelites and the Hebrews.  The blood is a sign for the people (verse 13).
  • Some commentaries indicate that Pharaoh's request for a blessing (verse 32) is because he was a first born son.  
  • Instead of a night of sleeping, this is a night to keep awake and remember what God has done (Verse 42).
  • Recall that at one time the Israelites were not able to eat with the Egyptians.  God's makes a provision for others to share the Passover with the Israelites (Verse 44, 48).
Psalm 20
  • Who else would take pride in chariots and horses?  Pharaoh.
  • Notice how the name of God is what the people of God take pride and strength in.


The events of the Exodus stand as a testament to the power of God for all generations of God's people.  They are repeated throughout the psalms, for example.  Even Jesus ministry has been seen by some in terms of a second Exodus.

Besides the obvious wonder of the event, what we learn is that God prescribes the Passover as a remembrance of the people's freedom.  Notice that God tells the people that this is a new month for them.  Why?  Because they will soon be free.  They will no longer be bound by Pharaoh-not even by his calendar.  They are about to become a new, free people.

And there it is.

How often do I hear people's misguided notion of following God!  We've picked up the idea that following God means being bound by God's rules.  Of course, God will later give rules to the new people.  But it wasn't to keep them bound or in check.  Rather, it was to show them how to have life.  When we choose to follow God more faithfully, we are choosing to live into the freedom of life that God offers.

Just because we don't know anyone named Pharaoh, please don't think we're not bound by so much today, as modern as we are.  God's freedom is needed just as much today as it ever was.

Stay blessed...john


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