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January 21 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 21


Exodus 13-15 & Psalm 21


Exodus 13:2
  • Consecrate, sanctify, hallow.
  • The people belong to God.  Now, they know it.  What is to be described in the coming verses is the way they would remember it.  
Exodus 13:8
  • Telling our children is a recurring theme.
  • 19If the sign is on your hand and, as the text reads, "between the eyes of you,"  you're going to remember it.  It will be on your lips so that you are always prepared to share it.  
Exodus 13:13-15
  • Donkeys are considered unclean.
  • To be clear, to "sacrifice to the Lord every male that first opens the womb" refers to animals.
Exodus 13:17-18
  • This is ironic because the people will consider returning because of far less things than war.
  • Why were they prepared for battle?  Were they thinking Pharaoh was going to follow them?  Were they ready for a fight?  If so, in Exodus 14:11, at the first sign of trouble, they're ready to go back.
Exodus 14:8
  • They were going out boldly.  That is, "with a high hand."  This presumes victory and and triumph.  Were they bragging?  Celebrating too soon?  Overjoyed?  
    • They seem good now, but look at their quick response just two verses later.  
Exodus 14:14
  • The people had prepared for (supposedly) battle, but the battle will be God's.
Exodus 14:19
  • Since the Egyptians were overtaking them and advancing to them, the pillar positions itself at the back of the Israelites.  Another distinction is made, and its dark for the Egyptians.  
Exodus 14:21-25
  • The people cross the sea.  The pillars had protected them through the front and back (only now had the pillar moved behind them).  Now, they are protected on the right and the left, too.
Exodus 14:30
  • The people are saved.
Exodus 15:1-19 & 20-21
  • If you're not using a printed Bible, you may not be able to tell that this is a poem.  The first response to being saved was to sing a song of praise to God.
Exodus 15:22-23
  • Ironically, they were saved through water, but their first sign of trouble has to do with water.  I wonder if the people will trust God to provide.  Oh, wait.  I just read Verse 24--their first response is to complain.  
Exodus 15:25
  • The test is simple: obedience.
Psalm 21
  • Obviously, the psalm hinges on the power of God.  In response, the psalmists rests on his trust in God (Verse 7). 
  • See how this psalm relates to Moses' and Miriam's songs.


What strikes me about today's reading is the preparation.  Before they were to be saved from the Egyptians, God ensures the people know who is saving them.  Think about how significant that is.  The flow of the story of the plagues and the cross of the sea includes the directions for the Passover and how they are to remember and celebrate this time.

It's a great reminder to us that we belong to God, too.  As such, knowing the depth of God's love, mercy and salvation, we consecrate ourselves.  That means, among other things, we prioritize our relationship with God over anything else.  That means, among other things, we prioritize our relationship with God over anything else.

No, I didn't mistakenly repeat that sentence.  It bears repeating.  Our attention is often divided by so many other concerns.  Often, good concerns.  I would never suggest that everything we do keeps us from God.  But I think many of us have seen how easy it can be to allow some of those things the place our relationship with God should have.

So, how can you consecrate yourself?  How can you prioritize your walk with God?

Stay blessed...john


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