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January 25 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 25

In today's reading, Moses receives the plan for the tabernacle.  God has led the people through the pillars.  Now, this new sanctuary will be for the Lord to "dwell among them" (Exodus 25:8).  

Practically speaking, today's reading is fairly easy.  You may end of googling what a cubit is (or you may get the urge to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark).  But you'll notice how easily you can follow the design of the tabernacle.  

For today's notes, I'm providing pictures of the different items mentioned.  Of course, these are all artists' renditions because we don't know exactly what they looked like.  I'm offering them here as a way to help shape what you're reading.  If you were to do research, you'd find differences in the way these times are drawn or imagined by different people.


Exodus 25-27 & Psalm 25


The ark of the covenant:

File:Debbie Reynolds Auction - "David and Bathseba" full-scale gilt-lacquered Ark of the Covenant (5851597607).jpg

The Table for the Bread of the Presence

The Lampstand

The Tabernacle

Related image

Image result for the tabernacle

Image result for the tabernacle

Image result for the tabernacle


When I read some of the psalms, it's obvious whoever is writing them has endured some pretty tragic days.  I often feel like I can't totally relate because I've never had enemies who wanted to prey over me like dogs, ready to devour me--I think I'm remembering some of that image well.

Psalm 25, though, is one most of us can relate to.  It's peril is unspecified.  That is, we don't know exactly what the psalmist is facing.  But we do know where the psalmist is finding strength.  And that's what we can take from every psalm we read.

We say it all the time: I depend on God.  God is my strength.  God sustains me.  Have you taken time to consider what that really means?  Does God literally carry you?  Is God whispering in your ear encouragement?  If you lift weights everyday, you can see how weights give you strength.  How does God give you strength?

I ask you that because the more able you are to have an answer, the better you'll be at sharing your answer with someone who needs to know who and what God is.  The tabernacle was commissioned so that God could dwell with the people.  We say God is with us.  What do we mean?  How would you explain that to someone who has no idea what that means in a way that doesn't make them not want to know what that means?

Oh, I'm just asking for a friend 😉

Stay blessed...john


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