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January 26 + Daily reading & notes

DAY 26



Exodus 28:1-4
  • God is making preparations for Aaron and his sons to become priests.
  • God incorporates others into the preparations.  Those who have skill to make vestments are a part of God's order.
    • A breastpiece, ephod, robe, tunic, turban and sash.
Exodus 28:30
  • We're not quite sure what the Urim and Thummim were made of, but they were used to determine God's will for a decision.  It might not be a good illustration, but think of the idea of flipping a coin to make a decision.
Exodus 28:35
  • The vestments become more than a sign.  They keep Aaron alive as he ministers!
Exodus 29:18
  • If it smells good, God accepts it.
Exodus 29:25
  • Being ordained took 7 days.  Priestly orders were passed from generation to generation.  
Exodus 29:43
  • What makes all the offerings holy is God's glory that will be there with the people.  
Psalm 26
  • The Exodus readings are about setting apart priests to serve God.  Psalm 26 is about someone who has set himself apart for God's way of life.  The plea is that God would honor that choice.


It's easy to lose sight of the fact that what we're reading today is about worship.  God has provided a way to consecrate Aaron and all future priests.  The people are a part of this.  Some are making the vestments, some are preparing the offerings. 

Of course, worship takes a different form for our ancient brothers and sisters.  We worry about spilling Communion juice on the carpet.  In Exodus, we're reading about bull and ram fat in worship.  Try to imagine the smells, the sights and the sounds of what this kind of worship environment was like.  

Stay blessed...john