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January 28 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 28

If you thought Adam and Eve messed up a good thing, wait until you finish reading today.

There's a lot going on in these 3 chapters of Exodus.  Moses is going up and down the mountain of God.  Aaron is making idols.  The people are worshiping other gods.  3,000 people die.  God doesn't even want to be with the people anymore.

Oh, those stiff-necked people.  I'm glad we don't ever act like them.


Exodus 32-34 & Psalm 28


Exodus 32:1
  • We were told that Moses was on the mountain 40 days and nights, but the people were not told how long he would be there.
  • Their first response to the delay is to give worship/offering to something else other than God.
Exodus 32:4-5
  • Jewish commentary suggests that Aaron is trying to stall the people.  The call for "tomorrow" is in hopes Moses might return before they follow through with what they want to do.
  • The people immediately give credit/glory to the molded calf for their deliverance.
Exodus 32:7
  • God does not claim the people. Nor does he take credit for delivering them from Egypt.  
Exodus 32:10
  • Did God expect Moses to intercede?
Exodus 32:15
  • Did you ever notice that the 10 Commandments were written on both sides?  Some people consider it a mere copy of the 10 words.  Others view it is a divine mystery and/or miracle.
Exodus 32:22
  • "Bent of evil"  That phrase makes me think of the line from that great Wesleyan hymn Love Divine, All Loves Excelling: Take away our bent for sinning
Exodus 32:25-29
  • We are expected to envision a wild day of dancing, laughing and carousing.  The reveling mentioned early even carries a sexual connotation.
Exodus 32:32
  • Moses steps up for the people again.
Exodus 33:3-4
  • God decides not to go with the people.  The people receive this as harsh words/bad news or evil words.  
  • Consequently, the mourn once they recognize the consequence of their actions.
Exodus 33:15
  • Moses pleads on behalf of the people again.  The presence of God must go with the people.  The presence of God will distinguish the Israelites from everyone else.  
Exodus 33:17-23
  • Moses has already prayed boldly for the people.  Now, he presents a request for himself.  He wants to see the glory of God.  
Exodus 34:1
  • God is prepared to reestablish the covenant.
Exodus 34:9
  • Moses again intercedes for the people.
Exodus 34:29-35
  • Moses is changed from his experience with God
Psalm 28
  • The psalmists prayed for help and sang a song of thanksgiving once he received it.


Please do not miss Moses' grand role in these encounters.  Talk about chutzpah!  Moses has no problem bargaining with God.  He has no qualms about letting God know his plans are faulty.  Several times Moses trades personal gain for what is best for the people.  He sticks out his neck for his stiff-necked people.

You want to be a church leader?  Learn about Moses.  Are you willing to pray for the people of God like he did?  Are you willing to plead with God for them?  Are you willing to be so bold in what you ask God for?  It's no wonder Moses is considered the greatest prophet.

Of course, Moses isn't presented as a perfect person.  We're able to see the many emotions he carries.  Scripture doesn't hold back in showing us who he really is.  That's good for us.  We need to know that somebody like him, perhaps somebody like you, too, can lead the people of God.

Where have all the Moseses gone?

Stay blessed...john


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