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January 29 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 29

We're finishing the book of Exodus today.  That's 2 books of the Bible you've completed.  Hopefully, you've noticed how the story of God carries through so far.  We've come a long way since "the beginning."  We have much further to go.  

In a sense, we are journeying, just like the Israelites.  Their story is ours.  They are our sisters and brothers.  You and I would probably have done some of the same things they did.  So, there's much to learn from them and their walk with God.

I don't have any notes from Exodus today because I think you'll see today's readings don't, necessarily, need any.


Exodus 35-40 & Psalm 29


Psalm 29
  • heavenly beings can also be translated as "sons of gods."  
  • Ascribe, give or prepare 
  • This is a psalm about the "voice" of God.  Yesterday's sermon was based on the passage where God speaks to the people from the mountain.  Remember how the people responded?  Remember the scene?
  • Interestingly, the first place the voice of God appears is over the waters.  Could that be a Genesis creation reference?  Noah and the flood reference? Exodus reference?
  • In all, Creation cannot contain the voice of God.  The only response is for Creation (we're a part of that) to respond with, "Glory!"


You may wonder why these final chapters of Exodus are even a part of the Bible.  They're just a repeat of what God told Moses to do.  That's true.  

The colors, the measurements, the material and the arrangements are repeated, for us.  Remember, though, this is the first time the people hear them.  It's important for the text to show that Moses told the people what God had told him.  

I'm convinced these 6 chapters hinge on 2 verses: 

Exodus 39:32 
"...the Israelites had done everything just as the LORD had commanded Moses."

& Exodus 40:16.

"Moses did everything just as the LORD had commanded him."  

It seems to me that if you and I could just do what God commands us, we'd notice the things of God get done.

Stay blessed...john


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