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January 30 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 30

We're starting the book of Leviticus, the Priests' Manual.  Today's readings is the first 4 chapters which you'll find have a rhythm that makes them fairly easy to follow.  The best way to make sense of the prescribed offerings is to write down what they are and a brief statement about how they're prepared.

Notice what is important the holiness of the people.

Don't forget to take time to watch today's video.  It outlines the book in a


Leviticus 1-4 & Psalm 30


Leviticus 1
  • Offering of livestock
Leviticus 2
  • Grain offering
Leviticus 3
  • Sacrifice of well being
Leviticus 4
  • Sin offering for anointed priest, congregation, ruler or individual


In reading the final chapters of Exodus and the openings chapters of Leviticus, we notice there is attention to detail.  This seems to matter to God.  We might wonder what the real value of it all is and why should we read about it.

Well, it's our scripture.  We're not just given these words to know, we're given them to grow.

I wonder if an important take away for us is the attention God gives to the details.  That is, maybe we have something to learn about giving careful attention to what we do in worship.  Do we offer our best in worship and service?  If you participate as a worship leader (liturgist, Bible reading, usher, greeter, etc) do you prepared beforehand?  What about Sunday School?  Other events?  Do we give enough attention to detail in a way that brings glory to God?

Yes or no, it shows.

Stay blessed...john


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