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February 4 + Daily readings & notes

DAY 37



Leviticus 16
  • Notice the holiness of the sanctuary inside the curtain. If Aaron were to come "just at any time" he would die.
  • Atonement for the sanctuary must be made because of the "uncleannesses of the people." God is making a way to forgive their sin.
  • Aaron has to be made ready, along with the holy place, the tent of meeting and the altar. Then the offering can be made. The goat bears the iniquities and transgressions of the people and is then sent in the wilderness. Yes, this is where we get the idea of a scapegoat. 
Leviticus 17
  • The people are to make their offerings before God. If an animal is slaughtered anywhere but the sanctuary, it's as if they've committed murder. 
  • The eating of blood is prohibited. 
Leviticus 18
  • A vivid reminder of what God is trying to do. The people knew a way of living in Egypt. They are to let go of that life and live as God is instructing them.
  • Several sexual prohibitions give an indication of what some of their normal practices might have been before.


What matters most to God is the reconciliation of his people. These rules and prohibitions, as strange as some of them sound, were given as a way to live in holiness with God. We can debate them, but we cannot forget their purpose.

How is God calling us to reconciliation today? Jesus!

Yes, Jesus' sacrifice was once and for all everything we needed to live in right relationship with God. The condition is still the same: We need reconciliation with God. The desire is still the same: God wants to reconcile us. Thankfully, the gift of Christ is the only offering now worthy of God. And it's been made on our behalf.

Praise God!

Stay blessed...john