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February 2 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 33

This isn't the first time we've heard about clean/unclean animals.  Remember the animals prepared to put on the ark?  Still, when we get to reading about clean/unclean things in the Bible, a common question comes about, "Why?"

Why are some animals unclean and some not?  Why does it matter to God what we eat?  Why do we need these distinctions?

Good questions.  There have been many theories.  There are few, if any, explanations in the Bible.  We just have to be willing to read it, and appreciate the people's pursuit of purity and holiness.

Let's get to it.


Leviticus 11-13 & Psalm 33


Leviticus 11
  • Notice 3 words: unclean, detestable and defile.  
  • This chapter deals with what foods and animals are clean/unclean.
  • If someone comes in contact with anything unclean, they become unclean, too.  Verse 43 sums it best, "You shall not make yourselves shall not defile yourselves with them...."
Leviticus 12
  • A short chapter about purification for women after childbirth.  You get off lucky, guys!
Leviticus 13
  • Leprosy seems to be a catch all for several skin conditions.  
  • Remember in Matthew 8 when Jesus tells the man he heals of leprosy to go see the priest?  This is where that comes from.  Anyone who has any skin condition must go to the priest for examination.  The priest determines whether someone is clean/unclean.  
  • I'm just going to leave Verse 40 alone.  You can make your own jokes.
  • Verses 45-46 also remind us of Jesus going along and seeing those with leprosy.  They were separated from others.


Here's a great thought regarding the food restrictions we read about today: Why did God make so many clean/unclean rules about what we eat?  Well, remember, in the garden, we only had one rule.  How did that go for us?

We tend to ask about food restrictions because we've already come to love the things we eat.  Have you seen how expensive bacon is now?  But how must it have felt for those who may not have had such a connection to all those foods?  Did they have any great fondness for pork, shellfish, etc?  Did they just accept the restrictions?  Did the prohibitions make sense to them?  

Again, I don't know.  But I'm inspired by the pursuit of holiness and purity.  What can/do we do to pursue holiness and purity?

Stay blessed...john