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February 6 + Daily readings & notes

DAY 37

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Leviticus 21
  • Priests were to keep a higher standard of living among the people.
  • They couldn't be blemished.  Talk about great expectations.
Leviticus 22
  • Even though the offerings were available to the priests, they could not merely receive them.  Whoever might eat of what was brought by the people would have to be clean.  
  • The offerings must not be blemished at all.
Leviticus 23
  • Sabbath
  • Passover
  • Festival of unleavened bread
  • Offering of first fruits
    • A sheaf is a bundle, or an armful.
  • Festival of weeks
  • Festival of trumpets
  • Day of atonment
  • Festival of booths
Psalm 37
  • Focus your life on doing good, not on what others do.
  • God will handle those who do evil.  We must trust God to do so.
  • Our steps are kept by God.
  • Keeping our ways upright ensures that God brings salvation.


The oft-repeated phrase in today's reading is "I am the Lord."

God wanted the people to realize, understand and remember that what they were doing was because of who God was.  Since God had delivered them they were to recall the holiness of God.  Why else would they be so careful to do so much?

That's why we do what we do, too.  We aren't just doing what we're told.  We aren't trying to get on God's good side.  Because we know the beauty, power, love and salvation of God, we respond with faith and works.  Why do we study the Bible?  To know God more.  Why do we serve? First and foremost, because of who God is.

Colossians reminds us to do everything as unto the Lord.  So, no matter what you do, do it because God is God.

Stay blessed...john