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February 7 + Daily readings & notes

DAY 38



Leviticus 24:13-16
  • How important is the "Name"?  If you someone blasphemes the Name they are to be put to death.
  • In the particular case mentioned, only those who heard the man blaspheme the Name were to stone him.  From that point forward, if someone blasphemes the Name, the whole congregation does the stoning.  

Leviticus 25:1-7
  • The land even gets a sabbath.
Leviticus 25:13-17
  • The Jubilee made sure that no one could be overpowered among the people.  No one would have to have debt built up over them.  Things would be restored.  
  • The word jubilee comes from the Hebrew word for a ram's horn.  Verse 10 says that the people are to "proclaim liberty throughout the land..."  Imagine a ram's horn being used to announce the jubilee has come!
Leviticus 25:25-55
  • The concern is that people are not taken advantage of.  God's people are not to profit from the disadvantage of each other.  
Psalm 38
  • This the prayer of anguish.  The psalmist prays to God because he knows the Lord will listen.  Even so, you can feel the pain he is experiencing.  There is no sense of "everything is going to be all right in the end."  Rather, the psalmist continues to pray to God for deliverance.  


I wish I could have experienced a jubilee year.  It sounds like such an awesome celebration of the freedom and mercy of God.  Truthfully, I can't fathom what that would be like.  How do you merely return everything back to people and move on?

Perhaps the better question is, how can we help each other experience freedom today?

Stay blessed...john