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February 8 + Daily notes & readings

DAY 39

We're finishing our 3rd book of the Bible today!  Congratulations.  And tomorrow you're finishing the 40th day of reading.  If you've kept up with your daily readings, by now you've created a habit of reading the Bible.  Once it becomes a part of what you do, reading scripture isn't that difficult anymore.

Great job, and happy reading!



Leviticus 26
  • The chapter outlines the rewards for following God and the consequences for not following God.
  • Following God seems to offer Psalm 23ish feelings (See verse 6), but the some of the other language seems harsh.  God plagues the people?  
  • If you are familiar with any of the rest of the Old Testament, you may notice how these words from Leviticus play out so many times throughout the history of God's people.
Leviticus 27
  • If you're reading the final chapter of Leviticus and wondering, "Where did this come from?" that means you're paying attention.  On the surface it doesn't seem to fit the flow of what we've been reading.
Psalm 39
  • Ever say something you quickly came to regret?  This psalm is for you!
  • Notice the psalmist did everything to try to keep silent, but, presumably, couldn't handle the torment of the other person(s).
  • The psalmist desperately seeks forgiveness and mercy from God for what he said (or how he said it?).  


I'm drawn to the psalm today.  We've all said things we wish we hadn't.  We say things we wish we hadn't without even realizing we said it!

Notice that in today's psalm the writer seeks forgiveness from God.  Most of us have learned the value of seeking forgiveness from those we have wronged.  And scripture speaks often about the necessity for us to offer forgiveness to others.

But have you ever considered how that angry word, disrespectful tone or haughty vibe could be hurting God, too?  No, you weren't talking to God; you were talking to an annoying coworker or unapologetic enemy.  Still, in some way, at least considering how the psalmist responds today, you were talking to God.

Maybe that's a key to better communication and more sincere conversation--think of God as you're holding your tongue, before you have to finally let it all out.

Stay blessed...john


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